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Coach Quick Reference Chart

This quick reference sheet is for Team Officials and Referees to have main points of  our Playing Rules in a simple easy sheet to reference. This sheet is meant to assist coaching staff but in no way replaces our Playing rules.

Download this Quick Reference Sheet below or review the content of the sheet on this page.

Coach Quick Reference Chart - Fall 2023 to Spring 2024

Age Group Field Goal Size Players Birth Year Grade Level Game Times Heading Slide Tackle BOL Ball Size
High School Full 8' x 24' 11 v 11 2005-2009 8-12 Grades 80 Min (2-40 min halfs) Yes Yes No 5
U15 Full 8' x 24' 11 v 11 2009-2010 7, 8, 9 Grades 80 Min (2-40 min halfs) Yes No No 5
U13 Full 8' x 24' 11 v 11 2011-2012 5, 6, 7 Grades 70 min (2-35 min halfs) Yes No No 5
U11 Small 7' x 21' 8 v 8 2013-2014 3, 4, 5 Grades 52 min (2-26 min halfs or 4-13 min qtrs) No No Yes 4
U9 Small 6.5' x 18.5' 8 v 8 2015-2016 3rd Grade and Below 52 min (2-26 min halfs or 4-13 min qtrs) No No Yes 4

Standard Soccer Laws of the Game Rules Apply except for:

  • U9-U15: No slide tackling
  • U9/U11: No Heading
  • U9-U11: Enforcement of the Build Out Line (BOL)
  • U9-U11: 2 - 26 minute Half's (with 3 to 5 minute half times) or 4-13 minute Quarters (with 2 minute breaks) allowed if both coaches agree for weather and sub issues
  • All Ages: PLAYER PROTECTION: Girls (crossed arms over the chest) and Boys (crossed hands over the groin area) are allowed to protect themselves in this manner with no penalty or handball called regardless of distance to the ball unless an obvious advantage was taken by lifting arms/hands to direct the ball. This is left to the referee's discretion.
  • All Ages: Unlimited substitution on any dead ball by both teams with referee's approval
  • All Ages: Coaches Behavior - Referees will follow ASK - WARN - DISMISS rule!

SYSL Competitive Game Rule

  • For all games, including playoffs and finals, should end with no more than a six (6) goal differential. Games that end with a six (6) goal or less score differential (I.e. 6-0, 7-1, etc) are within the requirements of the rule. Games with a final score differential greater than six (6) goals (i.e. 7-0, 8-1, ore greater) are a violation of the CGR.

It is the sole responsibility of Team Officials to ensure their compliance with this rule. Team Officials should NOT rely upon Game Officials (Referees) to remind them of the requirements of this rule, nor should Game Officials be expected to offer guidance or compliance.

For all violations, the referee will submit a Goal Differential report to SYSLNJ within 24 hours of completion of the game. The referee will provide:

  1. Referee will determine: Did coach of winning team make every effort to keep game competitive? Yes or No?
  2. Explanation of the Answer in #1.

Coaches/Towns found in violation are subject to SYSL discipline. Please refer to Playing Rules for full details.

How to Keep the Game Competitive

  • Coaches need to make every effort to keep game competitive.If your team is up several goals, there are steps a coach can make. Examples are, but limited to:
  1. Move defensive players to offensive positions
  2. Require players to make a minimum number of passes before taking a shot on goal
  3. Designate only one player to be allowed to shoot on goal
  4. Remove one or more players from the game (play shorthanded)

SYSL Mission is to provide a positive soccer experience for ALL players!