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Reports and Related Forms for Cards & Injuries

The following reports should be filled out by referees as documentation of their account of the game.

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Guidelines for Writing Your Report

Reports should be written so that the reader will be able to picture the events described in their mind. Include as many details as possible. Your report should also be factual, stating only what you know happened. If you were the referee, and received advice of what happened from an assistant referee, you should encourage the assistant referee to also submit a report.

Sample reports are provided below for your reference. These examples are not exhaustive and are intended only to provide guidance of what should be included in a complete report.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact your assignor or SYSL Senior Administrator.

Sample Team Official Red Card Report

“At approximately 28:00 minutes into the match, a direct free kick foul was called near the far corner of the Ridgeway Rockets penalty area. While the referee was handling the taking of the kick I was approximately 10 yards from the Ridgeway bench when I heard the Ridgeway Head Coach, Joe Jones call to his players "He's not calling it so when they do it to you, you do it to them!". I turned towards the coach and told him "Coach, no more of that". He responded argumentatively and made several comments to the effect that the referee was not addressing fouls against his team. As he was failing to act in a responsible manner by his abusive and derogatory language I told him "The conversation is over coach, you need to stop now. This is your final warning". Despite this he continued to continue speaking angrily and using derogatory language towards the referee and myself. I then told him "that's it coach" and I turned to signal the attention of the referee to inform him of the situation. As I was doing so, the coach began walking towards the spectators side of the field. As he was walking away, I met the referee and spoke to him briefly to inform him of what had occurred, that I intended to ask him to dismiss the Ridgeway coach, and that the coach had, at that point, effectively dismissed himself by moving off the field. Assistant coach Lou Lewis assumed responsibility for the team. The match was then played to completion without further incident.”

Sample Red Card Report

“At approximately 22 minutes, near the half field line, closer to the spectator’s side of the field, the Steubensville Strikers had possession of the ball. The ball was played out over the touchline and a throw in for the Kenosha Kickers was signaled. Before play could be restarted, Strikers number 43 (include the players name here if possible) approached Kickers number 18 and in a loud voice yelled “that was your fault”. Before any action could be taken, Strikers number 43 then struck Kickers number 18 in the chest with his elbow, knocking number 18 to the ground. Several other Strikers players then stepped in to remove number 43 from the area, preventing the incident from expanding. Strikers number 43 was then shown the red card, and sent off for violent conduct. The match was then played to completion without further incident.”

Sample Yellow Card Report

“In the 56th minute of the game, in the Crosstown Crushers goal area and directly in front of the goal, Crushers number 2, the goal keeper, attempted to save a shot on goal. The shot was deflected, however, and at no point did the keeper have control of the ball. Immediately thereafter a Newtown Navigators player kicked the ball into the goal. While doing so Crushers number 2 pushed her, with one hand. In doing so the Navigators player defensively raised one hand, in a manner consistent with trying to guard against the push she saw coming (as I observed it). The Navigators player did not move her hand or arm away from her body which served to confirm my belief. As Crushers number 2 committed the foul in a reckless manner she was shown the yellow card and cautioned. Because a goal was scored in spite of the foul advantage was applied and the goal allowed instead of awarding a penalty kick. The match was completed without further incident”