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HS Playoff Schedules and Brackets

Here you will find the Playoff Bracket for each of the High School divisions.

Please click on the appropriate document for your division to view and print your Bracket. Standings for each division will be provided at the bottom of the document for reference about the division rankings once all regular season games are played. Each Bracket will be updated weekly after the Rounds of Playoffs are completed.

All games are scheduled and posted under your division as they were for regular season. Please go to your team page for your individualized schedule

Please Note: Regular season games will still be posted after the Playoff schedule games are posted next week. You just need to click on the black box (to the right side of the screen under the SYSL Banner) and switch to regular season to see those games and standings when on your division or team page.


Please click below for a document of all Finals Standings for All Divisions

HS Playoff Brackets