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SYSL COVID19 Plan and Guidelines

NOTE: SYSL Season and COVID Plan / Guidelines subject to change based on NJ State requirements. Please refer to CDC Guidelines (click here) for most current requirements. NJYS guidelines can be found here.

In addition, these considerations are meant to supplement – not replace – any state, local, territorial, or tribal health and safety laws, rules, and regulations with which youth sports organizations must comply.


This page explains SYSL's COVID-19 Plan and Guidelines as of March 2021. Updates will be made as new requirements or information becomes available.

The following areas are addressed below:

  1. Mandatory Questionnaires / Temperature Checks
  2. Management Plan
    • Procedures for Positive Cases
    • Clearance
    • Schedule Adjustments
  3. Actual Play Guidelines
    • Sanitizing Areas and Equipment
    • When and Where masks should be worn
    • Team Benches and Spectators Attending Events
    • Coin Toss before the Game
    • Substitutions During the Game
    • Game Closing
    • Games Played and Related Points

A printable copy of the SYSL COVID-19 Plan and Guidelines can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

Also please refer to the sub page "COVID Responsibilities" page (click here) for some additional guidelines for some responsibilities you should keep in mind.


  • SYSL requires a mandatory Covid-19 questionnaire to be filled out for each Player / Coach / Participant and submitted prior to each match / game and before any event hosted by SYSL (PLEASE SEE SYSL QUESTIONNAIRE BELOW)
  • Each participant will conduct their own temperature check in order to complete the form accurately
  • Every Club and Team will have a “system” to ensure the questionnaire is completed no more than 24 hours before start time
  • Each game and related questionnaire compliance will be subject to random audit by an SYSL Representative. Each team must have one (1) completed questionnaire for each player, coach, or participant. Each questionnaire must have been completed no more than 24 hours before the start of the event or match / game.
  • Questionnaire to be Used
    • SYSL Printable Questionnaire link is below. This document can be used if necessary but each player/ coach / participant should use the form specific to your Club as part of their “system” to ensure completion by each deadline and for contact tracing.
  • Each Club has its own Club specific form that will be used. Please click on the SUBPAGE under this page for your Club to be brought to your Club specific questionnaire. NOTE: All questionnaires MUST use the SYSL Questionnaire as a basis for their forms. All questionnaires have SYSL questions as a minimum on their forms.
  • Each Player/Coach/Participant MUST use the questionnaire / form specific to the Club you are playing for. Questionnaires may be any of the following:

SYSL Provided:
Clubs can opt to use:

  • Sports Engine

  • SYSL Created Google Form

  • SYSL Printable PDF of Questionnaire

Club – Own Form
May use own form whether it be:

  • Google Doc

  • Team Snap

  • Other digital method (SYSL must approve)

ANY QUESTIONNAIRE with an answer of "Yes" for any of the questions will result in that player not being eligible to play. The player cannot play again until every question on the questionnaire can be answered as "no."


A - COVID Positive Action Plan

This flowchart plan is the action that should be taken at each level when presented with a positive COVID-19 case.

B - Clearance Procedures

Those that tested positive or are confirmed positive cases, clearance to participate will require:

  • Medical Note (indicating a negative test result)
  • Negative Test (actual negative test result)

Those that were exposed or have potential:

  • 10 days Quarantine from time of notification of exposure

C - Scheduling Adjustments

  • Procedures for positive cases will require flexibility in scheduling
  • Schedules will be adjusted by postponing where potential to makeup is feasible
  • Schedule adjustments may result in unplayed games
  • Counting less games for total points may be utilized


All Member Clubs must follow these minimum guidelines.

A – Sanitizing Areas and Equipment

  • Sanitizing will be determined by Club direction
  • General SYSL Guidelines and Suggestions:
    • Clean game balls with disinfecting wipes prior to game start & possibly at half time if at all possible
    • Home Team – ensure benches are clear from debris and garbage prior to another team arrival
    • Ensure that all players do not share any equipment (including but not limited to pinnies, goalie jerseys and gloves)
    • Use hand sanitizer (that contains at least 60% alcohol) where and when possible

B - When and Where Masks Should Be Worn

  • GENERAL - When 6-foot distancing is not possible, masks should be worn as well as when traveling to game, just before game, and after game finishes
  • COACHES – If you can’t physically 6 ft distance, then masks should be worn. SET A GOOD EXAMPLE.
  • PLAYERS – All should wear masks when on the bench or sidelines if 6 ft distancing is not possible
  • REFEREES – Will remain in their designated area before the game and abide by USSF guidelines

C - Team Benches & Spectators Attending Events

  • Where possible, teams should sit on opposite sides of the field with spectators for each team on the same side with their teams
  • If opposite sides are not possible, teams should be set up as far apart as possible on the same sideline
  • will be adjusted based on the team positioning (see Section D below)
  • Spectators Attending Games
    • SYSL is agreeable to Spectators attending games as long as NJ State Guidelines are adhered to in respect to amount of attendees
    • Clubs will be responsible for determining who and how many spectators are allowed at their home fields
    • Clubs will also be responsible for communicating to Coaches (both their own and opposing) what specific protocols are expected
    • Spectators need to be directed toward designated areas for watching the game. Mixing of spectators from both teams is not acceptable and should be addressed before spectators arrive at the game

D - Coin Toss Before the Game

  • Referees will control this aspect of the game but Coaches should mention that 6-foot physical distancing is required
  • Referees should not allow handshakes or any physical interaction during the procedure
  • Coin Toss will be done maintaining 6ft distancing during the entire process

E – Substitutions During the Game

  • Where teams sit on OPPOSITE sides of the field, substitutions will be carried out as previously directed. Up and ready at the 50!
  • Where teams sit on SAME sides of the field, substitutions will be carried out on the 40- & 60-yard marks, whatever is closest to their bench. Up and ready at the 40/60!

F - Game Closing

  • of shaking hands etc. each team will line up at the end of the game, facing each other at least 6 ft apart in their team line, and carry out some gesture of acknowledgement / good sportsmanship.

            For Example:

  • Clap hands
  • “Air” Fist Bump
  • Exchange words “Good Game”

G - Games Played and Related Points

  • There will be no minimum required number of games played this season
  • Teams should complete as many games as possible
  • 7 games will be scheduled (subject to NJ State Guidelines and SYSL Club Council direction)
  • SYSL proposes counting a team’s best 6 games of the season which would potentially lead to the worst game being dropped
  • Game count may be adjusted on a case by case basis depending on how the season progresses